Consultancy services

We are experts in providing consultancy services to clients and operators of transport infrastructure and other private and public actors in Denmark and across the globe. Sund & Bælt Partner constitutes one partner from project start to finish – we are involved in the entire process from initial concept to operation and maintenance.

Our consultants have accumulated over 20 years of experience from their work on the fixed links across Storebælt and Øresund and from the coming fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt. By drawing on their know-how and experience from daily involvement with the three largescale links, we are able to offer our clients unique expertise from a project’s initial phase to operation and maintenance.

We work closely with our clients to deliver the best customised solutions to meet their requirements – always with quality at the forefront.  We have considerable experience with collaborating with internal and external experts to deliver the best solution for you. Our consultancy services and other support are carried out on standard commercial terms and often in close co-operation with Danish and international consulting engineering firms or other Danish and international partners.

What we can offer your business

We constitutes one partner from project start to finish:

  • Process planning
  • Project management
  • Risk management
  • Financing
  • Environmental management
  • Management of the working environment
  • Traffic and financing analyses
  • Construction and operation
We provide consultancy services within the following areas:
  • Organisation of the client/operator function
  • Process planning from concept to execution of infrastructure facility
  • Planning and implementation of regulatory collaboration relating to infrastructure facilities
  • Planning and implementation of consultancy support for client infrastructure projects
  • Planning and implementation of tendering model for new infrastructure projects
  • Planning and implementation of tendering and contracting
  • Financing, financing models and financial management
  • Management of major infrastructure projects
  • Planning and implementation of operation and maintenance of largescale infrastructure facilities
  • Risk management in major infrastructure projects, including contingency measures and crisis communication
  • Environmental management, management of the working environment and CSR in relation to infrastructure projects
  • OPP models and collaborative opportunities in relation to large infrastructure projects
  • Traffic and financing analyses as a basis for user-financed infrastructure
  • Construction and operation of payment systems for user-financed infrastructure