Maximo for Civil Infrastructure

Deliver predictive, targeted civil infrastructure asset management. An intelligent approach to ensuring public safety while reducing risk and cost

Product description

Extend the life of highways, bridges and utilities with AI-based infrastructure asset managment.

Much of the world’s civil infrastructure has reached – or exceeded – its useful lifespan, leading to a USD $2 trillion backlog of improvements to more than a million structures globally. It’s crictical economic growth initiative to ensure the continuity of daily life for citizens.

IBM Maximo for Civil Infrastructure, an extension of Maximo Application Suite, merges digital intelligence with engineering know-how. It helps operators safely monitor, manage and maintain infrastructure assets, predict failures, and prioritize repairs.


Manage and monitor infrastructure with one, integrated suite 

  • Unleash the full power of AI and IoT to help teams make real-time decisions using visual inspection, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and more.

Connect technicians

  • Mobilize your workforce with deep knowledge and AI and A/R assistance on the latest mobile platform to help them solve any problem, anytime, anywhere.

Integrate teams 

  • Enable engineers, operators and maintenance teams to start with monitoring, maintenance and management capabilities they need to do their jobs.

“This new asset management solution is specially optimized for civil infrastructure. It helps organizations monitor the structural health of bridges, tunnels, highways, dams, grids, railways and more. It can extend the lifespan of assets by optimizing maintenance providing early warnings of deterioration and damage. The information it provides enables infrastructure managers to work more efficiently, make better decisions, minimize cost and reduce potential risks.”

Extract from blog post by Kareem Yusuf, PhD, General manager of AI Applications at IBM
Read the full blog post here

Maximo for Civil Infrastructure includes these Maximo Application Suite capabilities:

  • Asset management: Essential insights for intelligent asset maintenance and operations
  • Remote monitoring: Advanced AI-powered remote asset monitoring enterprise scale for assets and operations
  • Predictive maintenance: Condition-based maintenance using asset health insights to get ahead of maintenance issues

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