360° Transport Budgeting Management (TBM)

The 360° TBM model is a single integrated platform which brings your asset and budget data to life. It is a one-stop platform that connects all relevant data sources and publicly available data to generate efficient budget management and asset monitoring in a 3D model.
Product description

As a developer, financer or operator of major infrastructure, it is important to have a tool that allows you to optimise between operational and reinvestment costs. 360° TBM is an integrated top-down and bottom-up platform that captures data from existing systems and then analyses and displays it in easily accessible dashboards.

The 360° TBM is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates a dynamic budgeting tool, an excellent Enterprise Asset Management system and a digital twin environment. This is a unique combination. Data from across organisational silos are collected, managed and presented in a coherent and intuitive way, providing a complete and current overview of your physical assets throughout the asset lifecycle.

Being able to make informed decisions increases transparency and precision in operations and budget management, leading to closer cooperation between different stakeholders of the infrastructure.

On the 360° TBM platform, the digital twin brings the physical asset into a virtual environment, where operations and maintenance efforts can be intelligently streamlined, and repair-or-replace decisions made on fully updated asset information based on inspection and maintenance data as well as real-time sensor data.

The dynamic budgeting model allows asset managers to simulate investment scenarios and the subsequent impact on the organisation’s tactical goals and strategic objectives.

The 360° TBM solution facilitates data-driven asset management, fulfilling everyday operational needs and enabling long-term strategic decision-making. It helps you maximise value in asset-intensive organisations.

A TCO perspective is fundamental to optimum Asset Management in that the long-term data-driven perspective is a less expensive solution than decisions based on short-term perspective. Trough predicable forecasts based on different consequence simulations and operational data, 360° TBM delivers insight that facilitates fact-based decisions that deliver substantial economic value. 

The 360° TBM platform uses historic operational data in combination with financial data, thus making data available in one strategic and operational tool:

  • Strategic: Key figures are produced at asset level, which can be used for benchmarking across the portfolio.
  • Operational: Via error types and financial data, the 360° TBM platform provides an optimisation basis whereby it is possible to perform cost analysis at asset level or perform analysis of error types.  

What can 360° TBM do for your business?

  • Empowers organisations with an accurate, tangible, understandable and auditable model in various asset decision-making domains: risk, cost, execution, budget and valuation.
  • A comprehensive cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates a dynamic budgeting tool, an Enterprise Asset management system and a digital twin environment.
  • Enables asset owners to make informed data-driven decisions while considering the long-term budget, asset maintenance, risk and strategy.
  • Provides data-driven asset management, meets day-to-day operational needs and enables long-term strategic decision-making.
360° Transport Budgeting Management
One platform
A one-stop customised tool, based on the specific needs of the organisation, ensuring flexibility of applications and agility in execution.
Data-driven decision-making
Informed and data-driven decision-making based on cross-sectional sources enables strategic and economically fit decision-making.
Stakeholder management
Transparent and visual planning enables efficient stakeholder coordination and management.
Cost efficient
Cost efficient decision-making based on scenario analysis and asset maintenance history and performance.

The benefits of 360° TBM in terms of the following:


  • Compares and quantifies risk
  • Identifies critical assets
  • Identifies risks during asset liftetime


  • Cost of ownership
  • Compares investment options
  • Identifies impact of CAPES and OPEX

Digital Twin

  • Digitalised asset construction enriched with data
  • Accessible interface for all stakeholders

Integrated IT systems

  • Integrates client’s IT system and data sources
  • Interconnects vast data sources to understandable dashboards


  • Aligns technical and financial perspectives
  • Technical value of assets

Dynamic Budget Modelling

  • Enables data-driven decision-making
  • Integrates short and long-term budgeting

Enterprise Asset Management

  • Effective work order management
  • Work planning and asset monitoring


  • Coordination with stakeholders and other infrastructure owners
  • Transparent planning and aligned resource allocation